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Semiconductors and devices from Sony

Our SES (Semiconductors and Electronic Solutions) division offers a comprehensive range of semiconductor products and associated devices for automotive, mobile communications and consumer and industrial audio-visual applications.

Semiconductors and devices from Sony

SES partners with customers, including original equipment manufacturers, bringing Sony’s experience to the process of designing and implementing integrated solutions. They also ensure partners receive the best possible value when sourcing devices and components from Sony.

The products available through SES include:

• Semiconductor devices:

- Digital or mixed signal integrated circuits
- CCD (charge coupled device) image sensors
- CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) sensors
- Silicon tuner and demodulator integrated circuits
- Audio/video system integrated circuits
- MMICs (monolithic microwave integrated circuits)

• Components:

- Lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries
- Camera modules
- Silicon tuner modules
- GPS (global positioning system) modules
- Sensor modules

• Head mounted display devices and other optical modules.

So whether you’re looking for high quality and great value semiconductor devices and components or innovative head mounted display devices, SES should be your first choice.

Find out more about the range of semiconductors and associated devices we offer.

For more information, please contact a SES Specialist