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Head Mounted Display for High Definition, Steroscopic viewing

Immersive imaging in 3D and 2D for visualisation, training, home cinema and personal entertainment

From scientific visualisations to gaming and movies on Blu-ray Disc™ – enter an immersive world of virtual personal entertainment.

Light and comfortable to wear, the HMZ-T2 head mount display offers smooth, detail-packed personal viewing in 3D or 2D.

Twin OLED screens deliver a HD viewing experience with superb clarity and contrast. Immersive widescreen 3D images are enhanced further by virtual 5.1 surround sound.

  • A more immersive, lifelike imaging experience

    Experience movies, games, VR training and simulations in 3D or 2D with superb HD quality. See clear, bright images projected in cinematic widescreen with an effective 45° viewing angle.

  • Smooth, sharp, vivid images

    Separate Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) panels for each eye reproduce images in detail-packed HD with rich colours and high contrast. Each eye sees smooth, sharply defined 2D and 3D images without blurring or crosstalk.

  • Movies as the director made them

    Select 24p True Cinema mode and enjoy films exactly as the director intended at an authentic 24 frames per second. Or switch to clear mode for crisp, blur-free reproduction of dynamic visualisations and action-packed gaming.

  • True colours for longer

    Auto Colour Temperature adjustment gradually lowers image tone intensity from blue to red hues for hours of smooth viewing.

  • Full, natural 360° surround sound

    Increase the impact and realism of movies, games and more with all-round virtual 5.1 surround sound. Harmonic Equalizer restores lost detail in compressed digital audio tracks for an even richer, more natural audio experience.

  • Sound to suit your viewing

    Select from a choice of pure audio, surround sound, cinema, gaming or 2.0 channel sound modes for a perfect match with any content.

  • Bring your own headphones

    Team the HMZ-T2 with your favourite wired, wireless or in-ear phones for a truly satisfying audiovisual experience.

  • Fully adjustable for your personal comfort

    Headband and forehead supports are fully adjustable for a secure yet gentle fit, even during extended wear sessions. Combined with engrossing sound and vision, you’ll forget you’re wearing a head mounted display. Detachable light shields (supplied) offer even greater privacy for a totally involved, personal viewing experience.