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Professional Media

Sony’s market-leading professional media offer unrivalled quality, reliability and choice for shooting, editing, broadcasting and archiving.

Professional Disc

  • Reliable write-once/re-writable media with HD picture quality
  • Ideal for news, general production, mastering, delivery and archive
  • Single, Dual, Triple and Quad Layer discs with attractive costs per GB

Memory Card

  • SxS, XQD, AXSM and SRMemory media
  • High speed, capacity and reliability
  • The professional choice for fast, effcient workflow from field acquisition to editing

Tape Media

  • Proven, dependable digital and analogue tape media products
  • For acquisition, broadcast, post-production, transmission and archive
  • Exellent picture quality and reliability in any application

Customer Support

  • SxS Memory Card Boot Up Failure
  • SxS Announcement
  • XQD Device Driver

Professional HDD/SSD

  • Rugged, reliable hard disc and solid state drives
  • Ideal for backup, location editing and delivering content from field to studio

Case Studies

  • New 2TB Hard Disk Drive for Professional Use
  • Nicolas Eveilleau’s latest shooting in Tahiti