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Switchers and Live Systems

Sony’s full range of production switchers and image processors includes our MVS series of next-generation 3G switchers, newsroom automation control system, multi-format image processors and routing switchers, IP live production unit and accessories.


  • Full range of SD/HD video switchers and effects
  • Includes MVS series next generation 3G switchers
  • 2D and 3D operations

Portable Live Production

  • Ideal for live broadcasting and webcasting
  • Compact, all-in-one solution
  • Intuitive, touch-screen operation

IP Live Production

  • NXL-IP55 live production unit for transmitting multiple video data streams over an IP LAN
  • IP Live Manager PC-based software configures and monitors NXL-IP55's video feeds

Newsroom Automation

  • ELC Enhanced Live Production control system
  • Edit control software
  • Manages all newsroom control functions

Routing and Interfacing

  • Multi-format routing switchers
  • Software and hardware controls
  • Wide range of option boards for operational power

Customer Stories

  • How our equipment performs
  • Stories from live broadcasting and webcasting