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Event Cinema

Theatre. Sport. Opera. Ballet. Live concerts and comedy. Event Cinema brings audiences thrilling new experiences in 4K, and exciting revenue opportunities for every screen owner.

What is Event Cinema?

New experiences for audiences

Cinema offers much more than just movies. Today's audiences are flocking to enjoy new experiences that go beyond conventional movie releases.

Energise your standard exhibition repertoire with a growing range of live and pre-recorded events in a host of genres, including sport, ballet, opera, theatre and much more.

Projected in Sony 4K for the very best picture quality, Event Cinema adds extra sparkle to your schedules, brings in new audiences and drives additional revenues.

New industry partnerships

We're also redefining the boundaries of Event Cinema with ground-breaking initiatives - like our partnership with the National Theatre and Vue International, bringing multiple theatrical productions to Vue cinema audiences in spectacular 4K this year.

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Why screen Event Cinema?

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What audiences want

Event Cinema is big news, and it's getting bigger all the time. The fast-growing market for non-movie content is leaving audiences hungrier than ever for new big-screen experiences. And as the world goes 4K - from TVs to tablets - can you afford to give customers anything less than the best possible picture quality?

New revenue opportunities

In 2013, Event Cinema generated over €23 million box office revenues in UK alone (source: BFI), with theatrical performances taking the biggest share. It's a fast growing part of every operator's fortunes. Don't miss the chance to offer customers something new, including patrons who wouldn't normally step into your cinema.

We'll make it happen

At Sony, we understand what makes audiences happy. And that's why we're your partner of choice to handle every aspect of delivering extraordinary Event Cinema experiences, live or recorded.

If you want to screen recorded content with the best possible quality - or if you need complete support with all aspects of a large scale live production, from cameras to projection in fabulous 4K - we'll take care of the technology. So you can focus on providing more compelling experiences for your cinema patrons.

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4K Live Events

Theatre sport music and more: there's nothing to match the shared excitement and passion of experiencing a special event as it's actually happening. With an unmatched track-record in live production, we can capture spectacular images simultaneously in 4K and HD - and deliver them live for cinema audiences to enjoy, even if they're on the other side of the world from the venue.

Recorded Event Cinema

Relive extraordinary moments in detail-packed 4K over and over again. There's a fast growing catalogue of premium entertainment for your customers to enjoy, from theatre to classic opera and electrifying concert performances by some of the world's biggest artists. Recorded and screened as a 4K DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for stunning detail and colour, it’s the next best thing to being there.

Why Sony?


At Sony, we're passionate about bringing audiences better looking pictures, with any content, on any screen, in any situation. We've always believed that customers deserve nothing less than the ultimate image experience, as we underlined by launching the world's first commercial 4K Digital Cinema projector. Since then, our acclaimed 4K projector family has transformed the quality of cinema-going for patrons at around 20,000 screens, large and small.

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Nobody understands more about the immersive power of visual entertainment than Sony. From movie studio to big screen, you'll find our technology and expertise supporting film-makers, broadcasters and cinema owners the world over. And that means we've got the know-how to create unforgettable experiences for every audience.

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Directors, cinematographers and programme makers trust us to help realise their creative vision. And with decades of experience in bringing beautiful images to the big screen, we're your ideal partner to turn top-flight cinematic events into strong, sustained revenues. We've played a central role in delivering some of the world's biggest and most important live events to viewing audiences worldwide, together with numerous technical firsts in HD, 3D and now 4K production. In a sports entertainment first, Sony and Vue Entertainment teamed up to screen two live matches of 2014's footballing action in Ultra-High Definition 4K at Vue's prestigious Westfield multiplex in London.

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Innovative technology

The most exciting events deserve to be enjoyed with the best possible picture quality. Sony Digital Cinema offers a complete range of 4K projection solutions to suit every size of screen, from the biggest multiplexes to boutique theatres and pop-up destinations. There’s nothing to match the thrill of live and pre-recorded events projected in Sony 4K, with colour, clarity and contrast that’s second to none.

If you’re already a cinema operator using our R500 projector family, get in touch to discuss the next step in your 4K journey with Event Cinema screenings.

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