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At Sony we’ve got decades of experience in helping TV broadcasters and programme makers create better-looking images – and generate bigger returns from any size of operating budget.

We’ll bring the same sparkle to your corporate communications, with a complete family of audiovisual presentation solutions that can help every organisation inspire, inform and engage with employees, customers and other stakeholders.



Transform the quality and efficiency of all your visual communications with BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays. Easy integration is matched with rock-solid reliability, stylish looks and very appealing running costs. Our complete digital signage solution lets you create eye-catching notices and information points, with automated content scheduling – whether stand-alone, hosted on premises or in the cloud.


Add extra impact to meetings and presentations with our reliable, sleekly styled laser projectors and slim-line BRAVIA 4K Professional Displays. Tighten collaboration and cut travel costs with our easy-to-use videoconferencing systems that bring employees, customers and partners together with crisp images and sound at multiple locations.


Multiple cables, AV switchers, video conferencing systems and other hardware are a frequent cause of wasted time and frustration in meetings, as presenters struggle with awkward wiring instead of focusing on the meeting itself. Vision Exchange eliminates these operational headaches, allowing participants to focus on the message, not the technology.

Participants can share content from their own laptops, tablets and smartphones, with annotation overlaid or whiteboard images for better and quicker communication. And Vision Exchange’s remote communication capabilities allow effective collaboration to be extended to remote locations.


Safeguard your precious digital assets for the long term. Faster and more reliable than tape back-up, Optical Disc Archive is the rugged, cost-effective, future-proofed archive solution with a media lifespan that’s rated up to 100 years with no special environmental control requirements. ODA grows smoothly with your business ambitions, from simple desktop backup to large-scale robotic libraries.


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“All the technology in the office is based on Sony´s 4K Professional Displays. We also use the 4K SRX-T615 projector in our auditorium and even the CCTV cameras are from Sony."

“We love Sony."

Erik Ubels, Director of Information Technology & Workplace at Deloitte Netherlands