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Laser Projectors

Discover our leading range of Laser Light Source projectors, the VPL-FHZ65, VPL-FHZ60, VPL-FHZ57, VPL-FWZ65, VPL-FWZ60, and the VPL-FHZ700L. With stunning picture quality, low running costs and up to 20,000 hours operation, laser offers you enduring brightness for classrooms, boardrooms and auditoriums.

Lamp or laser? Projector technologies compared

Our buyers’ guide compares the benefits of lamp and laser projection for different applications.


Download our exclusive Laser white paper

Access more information on the VPL-FHZ57, VPL-FHZ65, VPL-FHZ60, VPL-FWZ60, VPL-FWZ65 and VPL-FHZ700L.


Enduring brightness: Laser projector with no lamp replacement

All the benefits of vivid colour, long life laser light source and advanced integration features.


A brighter future: Laser projection with stunning pictures and low TCO

Introducing the Sony VPL-FHZ65 and VPL-FHZ60.


Laser and the Environment

Discover what makes our laser projectors resource-light, energy efficient and mercury-free.


Simpler, cheaper, more reliable cabling with HDBaseT

HDBaseT reduces complexity of AV installations, with a single cable.


Innovation in professional AV

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