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Deliver compelling news stories to any platform, first.

In today’s fast and complex world of news delivery, you need to do more with less – less time, less money and fewer people. Unlock the power of collaboration with Sony, enabling teams to capture, curate and share content quickly across multiple platforms, from wherever a story breaks.


Media Backbone Hive is the award-winning Unified Content Platform that helps broadcasters and news-makers reach audiences across multiple platforms with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Customisable, cloud-native and scalable, Hive can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of the two. Field-based journalists, producers and editors can collaborate from anywhere in the world, pooling content and tailoring stories for online, TV and radio audiences. With fewer silos. More flexibility. And less duplication of precious production resources.

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Tell your story as it’s happening with XDCAM air – the cloud-based news workflow solution that orchestrates the seamless exchange of live video, media files and metadata between field-based camcorders and your news infrastructure.

Build stories fast, with secure access from the studio to content on camcorders or smartphones out in the field. Use XDCAM air as a standalone system – or integrate with your studio-based workflows to create compelling content, quicker and more cost effectively than ever before.

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Record and share great looking news content with our legendary XDCAM camcorder family. You’ll value spectacular picture quality in 4K or Full HD, plus multi-codec versatility and the convenience of wireless workflows to publish your content faster.

From ultra-compact handhelds to tough shoulder-mounted workhorses, XDCAM serves up the creative flexibility, sure handling and reliability that today’s fast-paced news environment demands. Discover why over 250 leading broadcasters have chosen XDCAM to engage viewers and streamline their operations.

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We’ve been bringing innovation to news production for more than 20 years. And today we work with some of the world's largest broadcasters to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s evolving media environment.


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